Copenhagen Hash House Harriers Run Saturday 25th. January from Brøndby Strand St. 14.30




Run from Brøndby Strand station 2.30 pm A to B run (as usual) End at Biggles house - nothing changed except for the hares because Stains the Sheets who  has volintiered as guest hare. Circle and crazy gags and what ever you have in your pocket or mind. Introduction to Long Tall Sally. This year even more crazy. Remember to bring good mood and crazy appeal. Stupid jokes are welcome


Bring painted nails as usual (o-la-lal) or maybe Red Carpet style. Red dress is not needed and to cold this day, but funny hash gear will probably help


Food or something like that will be served (plaese help your self and others and especially me). 

Dishwasher preparation needed (that could be you) - Just a repetition

Crazy dancing around the up-side down birthday tree - maybe something to find

- Time for Hashy Washy better known AS boogie woogie (same procedure as last ...) and every year

Speakers corner (stand-up) - your maximum 2 minutes FOR famous jokes 

Time up for Biggles Birthday drinking competion – Long Tall Sally and the t-shirt award. hope to see the winnders from previous years. bRING YOUR SHIRT

Remember to drink down the wall as usual (more than 25 different beers - and create the new scenario. Wine is a possibility, but that would be a door in the wall

From last year I will repeat the gin tasting - ohh-la-la (thunder Piss will guide)

Meet Cardinal Puf, Puf Puf and of course Cardinal Puf Puf Puf  (no pufters). Upgrading to cardinal or even Pope is possible if you are relegious drinking

Dancing to stupid 70'ties music and flashing laser light and smoke machines. Listen to Sweet, Slade, Suzi, Quatro, Smokie (smoke maschines), Boney M and the never forgotten Pretty belinda or Smilende Sussie. Yes she will be here


Bring beers and other drinking stuff for the late party - just in case I run out of beer


Party (that’s up to you) if you are still alive - shots and a new drinking team game


Please remember all what I had forgot (and that is a lot - half blinded and half minded). OnOn (finally some easy spelling)


Hmm too much talking (read writing) not enough drinking - I am thirsty.

I for got short version of 100 shots in 100 minutes. Never ending story